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You will get $0.25 (12.5%) each time a referral buy a $2.0 information on stocks. Yes, 12.5% of each sale will be for you.

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Don't you have a website, ezine or newsletter? Make one, it's easy. Choose a topic in which you know a lot and write about it. Do you know a lot about football or about Perl programming or about movies or about travelling through India, etc? For example, if you know a lot about football you can build a website with information about teams, players, games, statistics, rules, curious facts, etc. (There are some good free web hosts to build your site).

This is not a multi-level system. It is a one level system. Each time one of your referrals buys a $2.00 stock information through Paypal, you will earn $0.25 (Your referrals even do not need to come from your site, they are already your referrals).

About our website

Many of your referrals could be potential investors.
Are they ready to invest in stocks?
Are they unsatisfied with the gains from their deposits in the bank? Even the best CDs (certificate deposits) do not pay enough money for them. Do they?
Would they like more gains and more flexibility than mutual funds?
Do they think that stock markets are only for shark investors and very rich people?

Before the Internet, the stock investment was a business between brokers and their big clients. Now, it is really affordable for any small investor because investing online the commissions are low.

Every day, millions of dollars are transferred in buy/sell transactions in the U.S. stock markets. With thousands of stocks in the markets, even when trends are bearish there are dozens of stocks that get higher close prices daily.

Our mission is to identify these stocks to give our customers selected portfolios to invest. We have two types of portfolios: day-trading and short-term stock picks. Aggressive investors generally ask for day-trading portfolios. New investors with small capitals can begin with short-term portfolios (slower gains though with less expenses in commissions and taxes) until they become seasoned investors.
Your referrals will receive three free stock portfolios (short-term), so, they can test the quality of our stock picks.
Firstly, they will receive their first free stock portfolio the next weekend. Then, the remaining free stock portfolios will be send each two weeks.
Visit our website (www.sirloin-stock.com) to learn how you can get high profits with low risk investing in stocks.