Sirloin Stock Information (SM)


1) Are you just another stock trading website?
Not exactly. It is true that there has been a boom of stock information websites (and some of them are a scam). We are different in the fact that the information that we offer is unconditional. What we offer in our website is what you get.
Our limited number of customers are very happy with the information that they receive. Because every stock has a limited volume for trading, we realize that we are not going to have millions of customers like Amazon or Walmart or as many visitors as Our objective is to provide reliable information for selected customers.
In all likelyhood, some of our customers (which includes many from outside of the U.S.A.) never mention us to remain gaining steadily and silently. However, there is still much potential within the stock markets and we can recommend several succesful daily portfolios.

2) If your method is as good as you say, why do you not use your information only for youselves instead of selling it?
We do use our information for our stock trading. We are building our business from the bottom up and currently do not buy large amounts of shares. Actually, we use part of our earnings from selling information to reinvest in our stock trading.
In a couple of years when we have a few million dollars, we may decide not to sell any more information. So, now it is your chance to take advantage of our information.
We will be glad if you get rich along with us.

3) Why do not you have a subscription service like many others? Is it not bad for your business?
We do not want to catch you with a monthly $30, $50 or $75 subscription fee. With us, you invest when you want. If you get profits with our information you will gladly return without obligation.

4) Why is your information so cheap?
It is simply mathematical logic. We prefer to sell 5000 information requests at $2.00 ($10000) rather than 50 requests at $20.00 ($1000).

5) Can I choose my stocks without needing to buy your information?
You could do it, it is your right. But consider the following aspect. If you want to make money you must develop an efficient method to select stocks. This can take several months and for some people it takes years. If you develop your method by "trial and error" you can lose important amounts of capital until you obtain the suitable method. In addition, by getting our data you will save the time required to analyze the stock information.

6) You recommend in your trading strategies to place orders after-hours to be fulfilled the following day. Is it not better for day trading to sell the same day?
In fact, yes. Stocks can open with the same or a different price from the previous close price. Even opening with the same price, your stockbroker must act fast (Consider this when selecting your stockbroker. It is worth paying a little more commission for better fills). That strategy is directed to people who have no time to watch the markets during the day. Generally, major stock movements are in the morning and, in the afternoon stock prices are more stable. It would be better if you could sell your stocks, say 15 minutes, before the markets close.
Nevertheless, if you sell your stock shares the same day that you bought them, you could be considered a day trader (it depends on the number of daily trades) by your brokerage company and some special rules apply, mainly about when you have your unsettled cash ready (available) for trading again.
Anyway, with our stock portfolios you can get profits placing your selling orders after-hours, but if you could place them before it would be more profitable.

7) Is it not better to buy bonds, mutual funds or long-term stocks of strong companies (blue chips)?
Well, if with our information you get at least a one % earning (after subtracting your expenses) and you trade for 200 days in a year, you will get a 200% earning a year (more if you reinvest your earnings). Can you get anything like this with other choices?

8) Some people do not believe in technical analysis, does it really work?
There are many variables in technical analysis. Few of them are very good for predicting stock behaviors.
Probably, 99% of self-styled technical analysis gurus have many failures when forecasting stock behaviors (almost like flipping a coin). This is why many of them dedicate themselves to writing books about technical analysis; few manage with success a stock portfolio using their own methods.
If you want to be sure that our method works, you can test our information for five days (only ten dollars) to convince yourself of our pick quality. Just one day is not enough because that same day could be a bad one (bad day trends are more common in bearish markets).

9) What is "pump and dump"?
It consists of manipulating information. Some stock advisors (including some so called "independent advisors") recommend some stocks they or the firms they represent have bought. These stocks do not often deserve the recommendations they have received. The advisors, or their firms, wait a week or so for the stock prices to increase while people follow their recommendations. They then sell their shares before the stock prices collapse. This is often done with stocks about which little is known, like those new and small capital stocks in OTCBB.
That is one of the reasons we prefer one day information (besides, the shorter the time, the more precise the prediction), so everybody has the same chance for gaining. We do not recommend OTC stocks.
We reject totally "pump and dump".

10) If I live outside the USA and I am not a US citizen or a US resident, can I trade online US stocks?
Certainly. You can open an account with any of the brokerage firms that will accept your trades even though you are not a US resident. I can mention TDameritrade, Citibank, Trading Direct, Schwab International, etc.
Besides, as a foreigner you can be considered a tax-free individual if you fill out the W8-BEN form.

Do you have any doubts? We will be glad to answer any questions you may have.  email